Welcome to W3Templates Privacy Policy

w3templates does not save any type of information of its users nor share their personal details to any company, the information provided by the customer is only safe for their future services, apart from this, our information is saved. There is no justification for doing so that users who purchase from w3templates keep their personal details from us. So that we can provide help in their future. All the product developed by us is original and safe. It does not use any kind of nulled file. If you have any problem related to any theme in future then our expert team Will help you 24 hours. Before buying the theme, you should check the demo once as it provides only the same product shown in the demo. If you get any different product, then it will be the responsibility of the company.

How we collect personal information

The company maintains some personal details of the users such as the name of the users, its domain name, email address and mobile number so that they can be verified in the services provided to them in the future. The company collects the payment only through PayU Money. Apart from this, the company does not accept payment through any other payment getaway , for personal interest, the company does not share the details of its users.

How you can contact us

w3templates contacts your customer through various means such as WhatsApp email messages etc. If you face any problem related to our theme, you can contact us through any means, the problem will be resolved within 24 hours. If you have any question about the theme, you can contact us on WhatsApp.

Refund Policy

W3templates also provides refund policy to its eligible users. W3templates also provides some guidelines for refund policy. If you fall within all those criteria then you are eligible to get the refund. Points of Sum given below to get refund.

  • If you find duplicate product showing in demo
  • If you find nulled file
  • If theme not support in your WordPress
  • If we are unable to resolve your problem

Support Policy

W3templates has 6 months support policy for all products if you face any type of problem with in 6month you are able to get support.