20+ Popular PHP Wishing Script Free Download

20+ Popular PHP Wishing Script Free Download

Hello friends, today we have also brought you a PHP wishing script, which you can use in your website and earn a lot of income, this script is currently developed for PHP, we are also developing this script for blogger. Well, if you like this script, then definitely tell us in the comment, so here we have tried to cover all the Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Independence Day, etc. Let us prepare, if you want a script related to any other festival, then please tell us by commenting, we will definitely help you.

What is Wishing Script?

So the first question comes, what is a wishing script, you must have often seen that all your friends on WhatsApp or Facebook send you a link on a new festival, your name is registered on that link, with the help of which he will give you a greeting. Greet the festival like a card and you must have seen and inside those greetings the owner of the blog puts some ads etc., so that he can earn a lot of income, you friends can also earn a lot of running by using it.

Features Of Festival Wishing Script

Although all the wishing scripts provided by us are full of many features, but if you want to do some customization in it, then you can do it very easily, you can do the following types of customization in our wishing script like

  • You can change the photo according to it
  • You can do color customization according to you
  • Also the scripts are very lightweight which are very easy to load
  • it does not contain any virus
  • This script supports google aids
  • It is fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Also it has been prepared for Google Adsense


Benefits Of Festival Wishing Script

Friends, there are many benefits of wishing script in our website, one way we can increase the ranking of our website by bringing many visitors to our website, as well as we can earn a lot of income by putting adsense in these wishing scripts, whenever. Friends, if a new user comes to our website, then the chances of increasing the ranking of our website increase to a great extent, and this wishing script is shared like trending on social media, so that many users visit our website. Come and spend some time on this.

How To Earn Money by Event Blogging

As friends, you know that India is a country full of festivals, here every month or every 10 to 15 days a new festival keeps on coming, so if you use wishing script on your website, and it went in trending. If you go, you get a lot of traffic from here very easily, and when you get traffic, you can earn a lot of money on it through Google’s Adsense or affiliate marketing.

This wishing script is completely Adsense friendly, it has been specially designed for Google Adsense only, if you want to put any affiliate marketing link on it, then you can easily put it too.

Best Wishing Script For Festivals

Here we have brought for you the special scripts of some of the main festivals of India, the links of which you can see below and can also be downloaded directly. If you want any other festival related wishing script, then please tell us in the comment, we will do that. Will prepare a wishing script for the wall.


Happy New Year Wishing Script

Demo Download Now


Navratri Wishing Script

Demo Download Now


Ramadan Mubarak Wishing Script

Demo Download Now


Happy Diwali Wishing Script

Demo Download Now


Ganesh Chaturthi Wishing Script

Demo Download Now


Independence Day Wishing Script

Demo Download Now


Krishna janmasthami Wishing Script

Demo Download Now


Raksha Bandhan Wishing Script

Demo Download Now


Hope friends, you have liked this article as well as you must have liked the wishing script provided by us, if you want to use the join wishing script, then their purchasing links have also been given above, from there you can very less. You can buy it in the price and before buying the best thing is that you can also check the demo of it once only after that you can pay for it.

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